ABIT Capital Seals the Investment Deal with CDzExchange

Ladies and gentlemen, please let us introduce the newest project that ABIT Capital invested to you—— CDzExchange, a new rising star in DEX (decentralized exchange)market.

Built with Binance Smart Chain, CDzExchange is aiming at establishing a next generation DEX that is featured with high speed, low fees and cross-chain functionality. Empowered by these technological upgrades, it will not only bring possibilities to the DeFi version of those advanced functions such as margin trading and perpetuals, but also unlock immense DeFi opportunities through cross-chain interoperability of top chains.

ABIT Capital is glad to be one of the early investors of CDzExchange. ABIT has provided funding support since the very beginning of CDz’s development. We will continue accompanying its growth and witnessing it standing out from the market in the near future.

More great news is on the way. We’ll see you soon.



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ABIT Capital

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